April 15, 2010

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Regional Membership Boards!

One thing I always loved about the Ubuntu community is that whatever you did to contribute to Ubuntu, you could become an Ubuntu member and be part of the big circle of friends quite easily. In the earlier days of the Ubuntu project the Community Council was handling the approval of Ubuntu membership and I loved meetings where you heard inspiring stories of what people had contributed to Ubuntu.

Over time those meetings, inspiring as they were, got a bit long. It got up to four hours every now and then. That’s why we set up the Regional Membership Boards who take care exlusively of membership approval and they are doing fantastic work.

Now the first term of many of the RMB members is coming to an end.

  • Americas: Cody A.W. Somerville, Elizabeth Krumbach, Mike Basinger, Pedro Villavivencio, Richard Johnson
  • Asia/Oceania: Andi Darmawan, Emmet Hikory, Luke Yelavich,Melissa Draper, Robert Collins, Zak B. Elep, ஆமாச்சு (amachu)
  • EMEA: Alan Pope, Dennis Kaarsemaker, Mark Van den Borre, Matthew Helmke, Stéphane Graber, Szilvester Farkas

We’re looking for new members! (Old members are welcome to re-apply too.)

If you are interested in helping those boards out, read this post carefully and send your RMB an email:

  • ubuntu-membership-board-emea at lists.ubuntu.com
  • ubuntu-membership-board-asia-oceania at lists.ubuntu.com
  • ubuntu-membership-board-americas at lists.ubuntu.com
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