April 19, 2010

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Bugs with patches, and how to get them sorted out

We have a lot of open bugs with patches.

There are many many reasons for this:

  • Some of the patches are just random files and not real patches.
  • Some of the patches change huge amounts of code and nobody wanted to make the call “this is good to go into Ubuntu” yet.
  • In some cases it’s not clear where the patch came from.
  • etc.

We are going to attack this problem soon and Nigel Babu and others spearheaded the effort by putting the “Ubuntu Reviewers Team” in place and setting up a process how best to handle those patches.

For May 5th we are planning to have a Patch Day and I’m sure that over time we’ll refine the process and how the team works.

For now we’d need your help reviewing the docs and testing the review procedure. Please give nigelbabu at ubuntu dot com (or me - dholbach at ubuntu dot com) feedback about your experience with the process or your questions about the procedure.

You can also have a chat with us in #ubuntu-reviews on irc.freenode.net

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