April 9, 2010

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Being passionate about some things

If you like Open Source software you’ll very quickly find your attention drawn towards certain projects, certain packages, certain tools and pieces that make the Open Source world so great. I guess there’s only a very few people who find themselves attracted to everything and treat everything with the same attention.

If you were always wondering, how you can help the Open Source world and help Ubuntu, here’s an idea: there’s millions of users of Open Source software (most use one of the big distributions), there’s thousands of Open Source projects. What would you think about acting as a tie between the two gigantic groups.

It’s exactly why we set up the “Adopt-An-Upstream” initiative. We want you to act as a tie between an Upstream project and Ubuntu and its users. We both have a lot to gain from each other and together we make the lifes of a lot of users a lot easier.

So if you already

  • read changelogs of an upstream project
  • are addicted to blog posts about your favourite piece of software
  • build the newest upstream source regularly
  • know bug numbers of the projects by heart
  • (or if you’re on the way to saying YES! to at least one of the above)

we want you.

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Upstream/Adopt is an excellent guide to finding out how to be an ambassador, a tie, a bridge, call-it-what-you-want between two projects.

Help us out! Stay awesome! Make the world a better place!

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