March 18, 2010

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Upgrade Jams - made easy!

Upgrade Jams - made easy!

We’re all gearing up towards Ubuntu Global Jam and I LIKE IT! More and more teams are signing up in the LoCo Directory. Once you managed to find a venue, tell a few friends, you’re basically all set. the Jams page has all the information you need.

One thing I’d like to point out specifically is Upgrade Jams. They’re probably the most straight-forward way to help out. Just upgrade, test and report what you find. With Lucid becoming 10.04 we have another LTS that is going to be supported for for 3 years on the Desktop and 5 on the Server, so we’ll have a lot of people upgrading and installing it, so we want to make sure it’s all in tip-top shape. The upgrade process is part of the experience.

I love to say this: straight-forward just got easier. One problem you’ll have with an upgrade jam is that you need lots of bandwidth. If you don’t have that you might want to set up a proxy or mirror or cache or something. The easiest I could find is squid-deb-proxy (a new feature, by Michael Vogt, in Lucid).

Basically on the server (or cache machine) you run: $ sudo apt-get install squid-deb-proxy

And on the client (where you do the upgrade) you run: $ sudo apt-get install squid-deb-proxy-client


As this feature is not in karmic yet, I backported it:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dholbach/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update

and install squid-deb-proxy or squid-deb-proxy-client.

I found it too hard to backport for hardy (which we support upgrades to →lucid too), so for a hardy upgrade you will have to set up the proxy information in “System → Preferences → Network Proxy” manually.

This is going to be awesome! :-)

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