March 11, 2010

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Ubuntu Global Jam - what's it all about?

You want to know what the ¬†Ubuntu Global Jam is all about? It’s easy.

Any of the Ubuntu Jams is a session where people get together locally (yes, in real time and in a real place) and do something to make Ubuntu better and have lots of fun. At the Ubuntu Global Jam we are going to have lots and lots of different kinds of jams around the world for a whole weekend. Make sure you add **26th to 28th of March **to you calendar.

Part of our menagerie of Jams are:

It just depends on what you really enjoy doing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and your friends meeting at your house for a jam or if you get together a giant LoCo team to rock out and jam, in any case, we want you to add yourself here.

If you’re all new to organising jams, you might want to do one or more of the following:

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