Another Ubuntu Developer Week is over and I’m very happy with the outcome. Lots of great sessions, lots of new stuff learnt, lots of new contributors who turned up during the sessions and lots of sharp questions.

Let’s review what happened at the last day:

  1. Writing Beautiful Code: this session unfortunately had to be cancelled as Paul Hummer couldn’t make it. We’ll definitely repeat the session soon and I’ll let you all know about it.
  2. Doing merges right: an excellent session by Colin Watson. How changes make it from Debian to Ubuntu, how to get the most out of using Bazaar for the merging, how to deal with merge conflicts, etc. It all gets so much clearer after attending the session.
  3. Meet launchpadlib: if you have a project that needs data from Launchpad, check out Jonathan Lange’s session about launchpadlib. He uses a nice little example to explain how best to go about gripping into Launchpad’s brain and extracting data from it. In the most cases you should be done really quickly and launchpadlib incantations mostly just add a few lines of code to your project.
  4. KDE/Kubuntu Junior Jobs/Papercuts: Mackenzie Morgan and Lydia Pintscher replaced Celest Lyn Paul in this session and they gave a fantastic overview how to get started helping out with KDE and Kubuntu. Read the log and start helping out!
  5. Interpreting stacktraces: the last session of the day and of UDW was led by Emmet Hikory. He talked about reading stacktraces, tips and tricks how to use gdb, and covered enough background to help you figure out why a particular crash happens when you investigate it the next time.

Thanks everybody for making this an unforgettable week! This was amazing and I’m looking forward to the next one!