YES! It’s that time of the release cycle again! Ubuntu Global Jam is around the corner and will happen from 26th to 28th March 2010.

You’re wondering what Ubuntu Global Jam is? It’s an event where people around the world come together, meet in their cities and experience how great it is to work on Ubuntu together.

We have a big ménagerie of Ubuntu Jams already:

  • Bug Jams: you work together on Ubuntu bugs, fix them, triage them, improve them, …
  • Packaging Jams: learn packaging of Ubuntu software, work on some small packaging bugs,
  • Translation Jams: translate software, make Ubuntu usable in lots of languages,
  • Doc Jams: have a look at Ubuntu documentation, fix it and improve it,
  • Testing Jams: put the new Ubuntu version to the test, check it out and test-drive it,
  • Upgrade Jams: upgrade to the newest Ubuntu version and give it a spin!

How does it sound to you? I’m sure there’s something for your team too.

Don’t feel bad if your team does not offer everything. Ask your team mates now and see what you can pull off together. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy it. As long as you get to meet your Ubuntu friends and get the feeling that you can achieve something as a team, that’s cool! :-)

One thing I’d specifically like to highlight is the Upgrade Jams. Because the next release will be a long-term suppport release, it’s important we get the upgrade right and take our applications to the test. Particularly for new contributors this might be a great start to get involved.

In any case make sure you read the general instructions for setting up jams and you and your team should be fine. Also once you decided to be part of this time’s Ubuntu Global Jam, add yourselves to this page.

Definitely going!

This Ubuntu Global Jam is going to be awesome and I hope you’ll be part of it. :-)

PS: We’ll announce some planning sessions on IRC for the Global Jam.