Getting patches into the distro

Brian Murray has spilled the beans about it already: we’ll try to put more work into getting patches into Ubuntu. The regular sponsorship process is working well and hundreds of patches get reviewed every month. The problem is that many patch submitters don’t know about the process, so patches or workaround sit there for a longer time.

If you have a look at our code review pages, you’ll see that we have a two-step process in which we’ll try to attack the problem:

  1. take a look at the bugs of the ubuntu-reviews team, make sure the patch is a genuine patch, have a look at the current discussion and either upload it (if you can) or
  2. pass it on to the sponsors, who will review the patch and upload it.

For step 1 you don’t need to be a package uploader, but if you know about bugs and patches, you can still help out and make a valuable contribution.

Let’s try to get a dent into this graph and all the improvements into Ubuntu!


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2010-02-11 00:41 +0100

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