You're into Free Culture? Share with Ubuntu

As part of the Ubuntu community we’re quite used to the concept of sharing our work with others. Not just because we’re all good and selfless people but because we deeply believe that by actively making the fruits of our labour available to others we make the world more diverse and interesting, solve problems and generally make it a better place.

There luckily today are countless and successful examples of this and Ubuntu fits perfectly into this world of sharing. To underline this we want to support artists by making their art available on the actual Ubuntu CDs.

A couple of Ubuntu releases back we started the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase and have since then delivered the best video, the best piece of audio and the best picture on our Ubuntu CDs.

So…. if you are into

Making Music

Making Music

or videos…

we want you to participate in Lucid’s Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase. If you produced a great picture, video or piece of music, to enter the competition, head to for the instructions!

If you’re into





you might want to have a look at the Artwork Team’s Wallpaper contest.

ROCK! :-)

(and happy 2010)


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2009-12-31 23:01 +0100

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