January 28, 2010

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UDW day 3, Outlook Day 4

Time flies when it’s Ubuntu Developer Week. 5 days is just too short. Let’s re-cap what happened on day 3, yesterday.

  1. Writing good test-cases: this was a top-notch talk by John Arbash Meinel. Not only did he give a fantastic overview of today’s state of the art of proactively testing software, but also did he dive into the theory behind it and managed to get across a good feeling for what to bear in mind when writing test-cases.
  2. Launchpad Translations under the hood: amazing work by Adi Roiban and Henning Eggers. The talk covered quite well how translations work, which tools are used and how Launchpad makes use of all of this to become this fantastic translations platform.
  3. Getting Started with EC2: this great talk by Scott Moser was well-researched and full of information about the Cloud, how it works, its importance and why to try it out. If you didn’t attend the session be sure to check out the log.
  4. Developing and Testing in KVM: Dustin Kirkland was next and talked about one of the key players in virtualisation land. He covered what KVM is about, how it works and how to use it. Check out the “KVM hacks” section!
  5. Python Applications Packaging: Luca Falavigna did the last talk of the day and even spent a bit more than the regular hour to talk the audience through the prodecude of packaging Python applications. Seems like we need to add SABPDFT to the glossary from now on…

Liked day 3? Then I’m sure you’ll love what’s going to happen today:

  • 16:00 UTC, Adopt-an-Upstream – Jorge Castro (jcastro) and Daniel Holbach (dholbach): Jorge Castro and Daniel Holbach will talk about the relationship between the Ubuntu project and Upstream projects in general and how you can help out. It’s not as hard as it sounds and if you are really fond of and passionate about a certain Upstream project, this is the perfect session for you!
  • 17:00 UTC, Kernel patches – Leann Ogasawara (ogasawara): Kernel work is complicated? It can be… but there’s help! Leann Ogasawara is going to explain the workflow of the Kernel team and how we deal with patches there. You can get help from the team and Leann’s session will help you understand how to avoid the most common mistakes. Awesome.
  • 18:00 UTC, Getting more detailed bug reports – Brian Murray (bdmurray): Brian Murray has looked thounsands of bug reports in his life. He knows how important it is to have all the important information right there without going through a feedback loop for weeks. Luckily there’s tools that can automate the process of getting us the right information right at the start. Brian will teach you how.
  • 19:00 UTC, Bazaar and packaging – Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer): Jelmer Vernooij knows a lot about Bazaar and a lot about Packaging and he’s a great guy which will make this session great to fun to be in. Using a revision control system makes packaging and maintaining packages a lot more fun, especially if you start merging your work with others.
  • 20:00 UTC, How to get started hacking Launchpad – Karl Fogel (kfogel): Launchpad is open source and it’s written in Python, which make it a perfect opportunity to get involved with and your personal pet peeve fixed easily. Karl Fogel will talk you through the first steps of hacking Launchpad. Awesome!


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