HOLY COW… what a first day of Ubuntu Developer Week! Let’s go through yesterday’s sessions one by one.

  1. Getting Started with Ubuntu Development: we had a great start in the first session, between 300 and 400 people attended it and we were able to resolve lots and lots of questions around the initial steps of developing Ubuntu. Check out the log if you want to start your journey too. :)
  2. Fixing small Ubuntu bugs: I simply love these sessions. Nothing is as powerful as the realisation that you can really fix a bug and really get it fixed for millions of users. One of the small bugs we discussed yesterday was fixed in Ubuntu Lucid today.
  3. Django: Dave Walker gave an excellent session about Django. If you ever think “I need some kind of website”, make sure you read the session log and try it out yourself. Judging by the really sharp questions that Dave got we can expect more Django sites coming up soon.
  4. Working on the Bleeding Edge: I’m very glad that Kees Cook gave this session because one of the most frequent questions of new Ubuntu Developers is “Do I need to run the current development release? Won’t that break my system?”. Kees gave very good advice to stay sane and avoid problems on the “bleeding edge”. He also uploaded a presentation about the topic.
  5. Server oriented packages: Mathias Gug was up next and talked about the specifics of server packages: firewall rules, apparmor profiles, init scripts, etc. If you like servers, read the log and talk to the Server Team.

Thanks everybody who contributed to the sessions! Session leaders, session attendants, bloggers, IRC helpers, log wiki-fyers and everybody else: you ROCK!

So what’s in store for today?

  • 16:00 UTC, Java libraries packaging – Thierry Carrez (ttx): We have Thierry Carrez here who had the pleasure of working with Java Packaging extensively. Did you ever want to package a Java library or a Java application and struggled with your first steps? Don’t despair, we have an expert with us. Attend the session and learn Thierry’s tips and tricks.
  • 17:00 UTC, Adding Ubuntu One support to your applications – Stuart Langridge (aquarius): You want your application to save data in a clever way? You want to get it synced across various computers? You want it in a place where it’s properly backed up? You have heard of Ubuntu One? Great, because Stuart Langridge will explain how to get this all done very very easily.
  • 18:00 UTC, Internationalizing your application with quickly and Launchpad – David Planella (dpm) and Didier Roche (didrocks): quickly is a fantastic little application. It makes writing apps so much easier and comprehensible. There’s already a lot of apps written with quickly and already a bunch of instructions on how to use it. This session will specifically deal with how to get applications translatable and translated. Thanks a lot Didier and David.
  • 19:00 UTC, Getting your application in the panel – Ted Gould (ted): The status area in the panel has gone through some pretty fantastic changes in the karmic and lucid cycle. Ted Gould has been massively involved in the planning, design and coding. If you want to do some good work on the Desktop and make your favourite application benefit from the new indicators make sure you attend this session.
  • 20:00 UTC, Automated server testing – Søren Hansen (soren): Mr. Søren Hansen wrapped his head around Automated Server Testing in the last few months and he has a lot of ideas to share. If you’re intererested in automating tests in general and testing servers specifically, this is exactly where you should be going.

Please note that the sessions slots for “Getting your application in the panel” and “Getting started with EC2” swapped because of scheduling conflicts. The correct times and dates are:

  • Tue 26th Jan 19.00 UTC, Getting your application in the panel – Ted Gould
  • Wed 27th Jan 18.00 UTC, Getting started with EC2 – Scott Moser