Ubuntu Developer Week - just about to kick off!

I’m really really excited for Ubuntu Developer Week to kick off again. We have top-notch sessions lined up where developers will talk from their experience and share their tips for getting started.

I hope to see you there later on and that you bring many many friends. The best and easiest way to get connected is Lernid.

  • 16:00 UTC, Getting Started with UbuntuDevelopment – Daniel Holbach (dholbach): The first session of the week is going to get you started with Ubuntu development. It’ll give you an overview over how all things work, so at least you’ll have heard the most important vocabularly already and get your initial development environment set up.
  • 17:00 UTC, Fixing small bugs in Ubuntu –Daniel Holbach (dholbach): So once we have our initial development environment set up, we’ll go ahead and fix a couple of small bugs… it’s going to be awesome and you’ll find out that it’s not really hard.
  • 18:00 UTC, Django – Dave Walker (Daviey): Dave Walker, of Ubuntu UK fame will talk you through the first steps of using the Django framework to create a lean, understandable and scalable web application in python.
  • 19.00 UTC, Working on the Bleeding Edge – Kees Cook (kees): Next up is Kees Cook, who will tell us how to best do both: 1) stay sane and 2) live on the bleeding edge. If you enjoy tracking development releases closely you should make sure not to miss this session. It’ll spare you a lot of pain.
  • 20.00 UTC, Server oriented packages – Mathias Gug (mathiaz): Are you a server person? Would you like to get involved with the server team? Do you want to know what’s server-specific about packaging? Find out during the session: we have Mathias Gug here who’ll help you get started.


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2010-01-25 08:40 +0100

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