December 24, 2009

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LoCo Directory progress

I’m very very pleased with the progress we’ve been making on the code of the LoCo Directory. Lots of ideas, patches, translations and fixes have been pouring in and it has been a pleasure to work with a lot of people from various LoCo teams of the world.

0.1.0 was the first milestone we wanted to release. It was supposed to be “just functional” and help to replace the long list o’ LoCos. Now we’re at 0.1.1, which luckily is a bit prettier and we managed to fix some other nasty bugs.

At UDS we envisioned events to be the next target of the LoCo Directory. So while we’re still fixing bugs and making 0.1.x more usable, we also work on 0.2.x which will be give LoCos the opportunity to list events, link to announcements, collect links of reports and show who’s attending. Just imagine looking back at the page of your LoCo team after 2-3 years. It’ll be interesting to see what all happened. :-)

Unfortunately maintaining two separate branches is a little bit painful, so we hope we make some progress with 0.2 and can quickly abandon 0.1 again.

I’m incredibly happy with all the work everybody into the LD and I’ve been learning something new almost every day. Django and Python in general are a fantastic framework to work with.

If you want to get involved, here’s how.

PS: Merry christmas to you all, big hugs and a great start into 2010! :-)

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