Day 4 of Ubuntu Developer Week was amazing - lots of people, lots of fun, lots of great new things learned!

  • Let Mago do your Desktop testing for you: Ara Pulido kicked off Day 4 with a very nice overview of Mago and an excellent example of how to test-drive gedit. It’s really simple to start test-driving your application in an automated way, so get involved today.
  • Paper cutting 101: David Siegel held an excellent session about Paper Cuts and how to fix them. Just so you remember, a paper-cut is a bug that will improve user experience if fixed, is small enough for users to become habituated to it, and is trivial to fix. Read the session log and get involved today.
  • Learning from mistakes - REVU reviewing best practices: Morten Kjeldgaard was up next and talked about reviewing packages. He pointed out that it is a great way to learn and help at the same time, also he pointed to various resources that are helpful to get started. Great session!
  • Being productive with bzr and LP code hosting: Paul Hummer, Launchpad hacker and VW Camper Van lover, gave a sweet session about Launchpad and Bazaar: how simple it is to use it, how it makes your work easier and how you benefit from small tweaks you can make. Awesome!
  • Effectively testing for regressions: Steve Beattie gave the best answer to how to make sure that stable release updates really improve the release: serious regression testing, how to write simple regression test and pointed out that #ubuntu-testing is looking for new contributors! :-)

It’s sad, but today is the last day of this fourth Ubuntu Developer Week. I really hope you’ll tune in today because the line-up is just awesome!

  • Translations for Developers: David Planella, Danilo Šegan and Martin Pitt will make sure you know how to make your software works for the hundreds of languages we have around the globe. It’s simple steps, but they truly enable millions to use your app!
  • GTD for hackers: Lars Wirzenius will help you Get Things Done. Again, it’s simple steps, but they’ll truly change how you look at pending work, requests and new action items.
  • Fixing an Ubuntu bug using Bazaar: The amazing James Westby is not going to show you how to fix Ubuntu bugs, he’s going to show you Bazaar too. Collaboration and bug fixing the way they should be!
  • Packaging from Scratch: Ever downloaded a .tar.gz file from some web host and didn’t know how to turn it into a package that all users around the globe could use? You’re lucky: Iain Lane will show you what to do with it!
  • Hacking Soyuz to get your builds done: You love PPAs or would like to improve the way that packages are built? Excellent! Attend the session of Michael Nelson, Celso Providelo and William Grant and you’ll find out how to join the Soyuz heroes!

Enjoy the last day of Ubuntu Developer Week and get involved in Ubuntu!