Wow, I had a fantastic time in yesterday’s sessions and reading the logs afterwards. Let’s recap:

  • Getting started with Launchpad development: Although Graham Binns had to deal with a flaky internet connection, he delivered a great session about developing Launchpad. It’s really not as hard as it seems and the process for getting reviews is really thought-out. Help out to make Launchpad kick ass even more!
  • Developing websites with Django: Not only did Łukasz and Anthony explain how to set up your Django application, they also demo’ed how to create a Django Twittering project. Maybe it’s time for you to either write your own Django site or maybe you decide to help out one of these.
  • Hooking your app into your desktop CouchDB: Up next was the inimitable Stuart Langridge with a great session about Desktop CouchDB. How it works, why it works, how to make use of it plus examples and answered questions. Sounds like we’re going to have a bunch of couchdb plugins soon. :-)
  • Writing secure software: Kees Cook gave a fantastic overview of common security pitfalls in applications. It was easy enough to understand and very entertaining. Let’s see how many security bugs will be noticed and get fixed after this enlightening talk.
  • Bug lifecycle, Best practices, Workflow, Tags, Upstream, Big picture: Jorge and Pedro gave the session with the longest name and gave a sweet overview over how we interact with bugs the way we do. If you’re unsure or want to get involved, be sure to check out the log.

Day 4 is going to start in a few hours, I hope you can make it because we have fantastic sessions lined up:

  • Let Mago do your Desktop testing for you: We all know about test suites, right? What about writing tests that test-drive your Desktop application? Impossible? Absolutely not, check out Ara’s talk later today!
  • Paper Cutting 101: Fixing Papercuts was an amazing idea and it is paying off already. If you want to get involved and make Karmic papercut-free, join the session today and grab one of these afterwards.
  • Learning from mistakes - REVU reviewing best practices: Morten Kjeldgaard is very experienced in reviewing new packages. Learn more about making the most out of reviews today!
  • Being productive with bzr and LP Code Hosting: Launchpad Hacker Paul Hummer will be around today to talk to us about bzr and Launchpad’s Code Hosting. His talk will demonstrate why it’s fun and how you should use it.
  • Effectively testing for regressions: Steve Beattie works very hard in one of the most critical processes in Ubuntu: stable release updates. His talk will demonstrate how to make sure that things don’t regress and make users happy.

I’m looking forward to today’s sessions. See you there.