September 2, 2009

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UDW: Summary Day 2 - Outlook Day 3

Day 2 of Ubuntu Developer Week was nothing short of awesome! Lots of great people, lots of action and lots of fun.

  • Fixing small bugs in Ubuntu: The first session was mine. I had chosen four Ubuntu bugs beforehand and we managed to go through all of them and find a fix for them easily. We also covered how to get patches included in Ubuntu and a few other packaging-related bits and pieces here and there. Check out the log and try one of these.
  • Kernel Triaging and Debugging: The excellent Leann Ogasawara helped us to understand the Kernel a lot better, why it’s complex to deal with Kernel issues and how to keep cool in the face of lots of different bug reports. The Kernel team is a lot of fun and I hope you’ll find your way in more easily now.
  • Updating a package: Didier Roche gave an action-packed session about updating packages to a new upstream version, how to make the task easier, which problems to consider, etc. If you weren’t there, read the log, it’s definitely worth it!
  • Using the LP API for fun and profit: Leonard Richardson was up next and gave an excellent demonstration of the Launchpad API. It’s very easy to use, well thought out and makes dealing with data of Launchpad projects trivial. Stop screen-scraping, use the Launchpad API!
  • Writing Apport Package Hooks: Brian Murray deals with lots of bug reports every day, so he is constantly looking for ways in which certain tasks can be automated. Apport Package Hooks are a brilliant way to get more information from the system depending on which package the bug is about. If you find yourself asking bug reporters for the same information over and over again, be sure to investigate Apport Package Hooks.

Wow… WOW! I’m quite happy to let you know that we have another day of fantastic sessions lined up, so make sure you’re in #ubuntu-classroom on later on:

  • Getting Started with Launchpad development: For those of you who have been looking under a rock, is open source now! If you have a crazy idea for a new feature or you want to fix a bug, make sure you’re in this session to find out how to get involved!
  • Developing websites with Django: The session I have been waiting for! Django is a fantastic and easy way of developing websites. Luckily we have two Django and Python heroes there for our session and they will help you get started!
  • Hooking your app into your Desktop CouchDB: The fun doesn’t stop! Interested in CouchDB? Want to deal with the data of your Desktop app in a sane way? Want to be able to synchronise the data? Be sure to be there!
  • Writing secure software: Is security some sort of black magic for you? Did you ever wonder what you could do to improve your application? Join the session and find out which common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Bug lifecycle, Best Practices, Workflow, Tags, Upstream, Big picture: Pedro and Jorge, the dynamic duo, will introduce you to the world of Bug reports, how to live best with them, how to make your conversation with other developers, maintainers and users most effective and enjoyable.

Today should be fantastic and the line-up of sessions just looks amazing. Be sure to be there and be sure to tell your friends!

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