September 15, 2009

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Ubuntu Global Jam Preparations in full swing

The preparations for the Ubuntu Global Jam are ticking on very very nicely. In case you haven’t heard of it yet: teams around the world are going to meet up on the weekend of October 2nd-4th and make Ubuntu better by doing whatever they do best:

It really doesn’t matter what you or your team are good at, as long as you meet somewhere, have fun and improve Ubuntu in some way.

If your city is not listed consider organising your own event - it really doesn’t take much organisation and it should be a lot of fun. We have great documentation on how to organise such an event aaaaaaaand we have another great session on #ubuntu-classroom coming up which is probably going to answer all your questions.

New exciting things are added to the mix:

Everybody is helping out and so should you! The Ubuntu Global Jam will be fantastic, so let’s all get our teams organised, the Jams prepared and make Ubuntu Karmic rock and roll!

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