Ubuntu Global Jam: Berlin

We are only one-and-a-half weeks away from bringing together awesome people to do awesome things across the globe - it’s time for the Ubuntu Global Jam.

The Ubuntu Berlin team is one of the lucky teams that are participating and I thought I’d talk a bit about what we’re going to do.

The Venue

I’ve been in touch with a lot of other LoCo teams and some told me that they had trouble finding a venue. It’s true, if you have a lot of people attending and not a great place to meet, that’s a problem. In Berlin we’re lucky because c-base is awesome and we can use it on that weekend. If you’re less lucky you might want to try: schools, universities, libraries, pubs, a LUG, etc. If that all fails and you’re just a small group: host it at somebody’s house. (I told the story before: the first Ubuntu Berlin release party was in my appartment - OK, it was ~40 people, but the furniture and everything else survived.) Ubuntu people usually know how to behave themselves.

Jam Organisation

We are very lucky and are going to host a Packaging Jam, a Bug Jam, a Translations Jam, a Doc Jam and a Testing Jam. With Benjamin Drung around, I could imagine we might even have a Origami Jam. The trick was to split the work of preparing the jams on various shoulders: Caspar would dive into Translations and Documentation, Benjamin would do Packaging and I would do Bugs and Testing. This gives everybody enough time to properly read the documentation, play with the tools, look for good examples, download ISOs, etc. etc. etc.

Letting the world know

This time we are not doing as much noise as for our release parties as this event is targetted at people who want to help out! This is important, as some people might mistake this as an event where lots of talks will be held and so on. It’s about making it clear that there’s a distinction between “consumers” and “activists”. Of course you want to invite people who want to BECOME Ubuntu activists. :-)

What we did was post to our mailing list, use the Launchpad “contact team” feature, we put it on the Ubuntu Berlin page, we invited Debian maintainers in the city to join us for the day (and have a beer afterwards), blogged, dented, tweeted, facebooked about it, so tried to make the maximum use of communication channels to let our team know: “we need you there and want to have a fantastic time with you”.


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2009-09-23 17:38 +0200

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