I’m very very happy with the progress the Ubuntu NGO team has been making. Our very basic objective is to make Ubuntu work better for NGOs doing charitable work around the globe. This involves documentation of best-practices, packaging of certain applications, thinking about tools to cope with areas that have no or little internet connectivity, etc. Also do we want to create some publicity for projects that make use of Ubuntu already. To participate in our discussions, please consider joining the team.

One area I participate in is the packaging of applications (as I know a bit about the topic). Currently we’re looking into packaging CiviCRM, frontlinesms and Sahana. All of these are fairly complex applications that bundle other modules, some of which are available in Ubuntu/Debian already, some still need packaging. If you know a bit about PHP or Java, please let us know and please consider helping out. We’re a very friendly bunch of people and do our best to keep the efforts ticking along.

Thanks a lot to everybody helping out in the team already and stay tuned for more news.