I didn’t see much news about the Ubuntu Global Jam in the last time and in the Berlin team, we took a bit of a break from regular jams. In a few days the Ubuntu Berlin team is likely to meet again and talk about how we can best accomodate all kind of people who want to work on Ubuntu directly, becaues that’s essentially what an Ubuntu Jam is: working directly on Ubuntu, with a lot of local people, having lots of fun.

The Ubuntu Jams page is in a much better shape now, not just giving you general tips on how to best organise a Jam event, but also with added information about Bug Jams, Packaging Jams and Translations Jams (Doc Jams coming soon).

If you are interested and would like to organise a local event and don’t know how or if you have new crazy ideas, I have good news for you: we’ll meet tomorrow: Thursday, 20th August 18:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting to clarify and discuss all of this. Hope to see you there and hear your story! :-)