August 31, 2009

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Ubuntu Developer Week 4 about to kick off

Ubuntu Developer Week (DIGG - brochure) is starting today and I’m very much excited. From 16:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC we will have four sessions (one double session) that will hopefully pave your way into Ubuntu Development, teach you something new, answer your questions and introduce you to many new friends.

All you have to do is join #ubuntu-classroom on to follow the session and #ubuntu-classroom-chat to ask your questions. You can easily achieve that by following this link (if you don’t have a favourite IRC client).

Let’s see what’s cooking today:

  • Getting Started with Ubuntu Development: First up am I to talk about Ubuntu Development, how to get involved, some big overview and how to get your development environment set up on Ubuntu. There will be a lot of time for asking questions. I still need to prepare the session. :-)
  • $quickly fun: Rick Spencer and Didier Roche will be there to give a session about quickly, a fantastic application to make creating programs so much easier. Learn how to use it, be creative, be pragmatic, get things done!
  • Packaging Perl Modules: We will have Jonathan Yu and other members of the Debian Perl maintainers in the session who will tell us how the packaging and maintenance of Perl modules is different and how to help out.
  • Fun with Python Plasmoids: Friends of KDE: this session is the right thing for you. Jonathan Riddell and Aurélien Gâteau are going to talk about Plasmoids and the fantastic opportunities they offer in KDE4. Learn how to beautify KDE by writing them in Python!

The schedule looks great and I’d like to thank all the speakers for sharing their secret of success during the week! You know what the best thing is? It’s just Day 1, there’s four more days to come. :-)

See you there!

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