Ubuntu Developer Week – 31st August to 4th September 2009

I’m incredibly happy to announce the fourth Ubuntu Developer Week!

You are excited about Ubuntu, always had the feeling you want to „give back“ in one form or the other and you didn’t know how? Ubuntu Developer Week is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved and get a closer look at what’s happening behind the scenes. Make sure you mark the dates from Monday, 31st August 2009 to Friday, 4th September 2009 in your calendar! Just check out the timetable to learn more about which session is up next.

How this is going to work? Easy!

I’m very proud of the speakers this time. They managed to put together a fantastic assortment of topics, all very much focused on a hands-on experience for you: web development, Launchpad hackery, Debian/Ubuntu packaging, development techniques, etc. etc.

We have awesome speakers who will share their secret of success with you in a fun and interesting way.

  • You are new to Ubuntu development? No problem, check out our brochure.
  • You need more information on the speakers? No problem, check out our brochure.
  • You need more information on the sessions and what’s going to happen there? No problem, check out our brochure.

I’m very very excited and am counting the days until then. This is going to be the perfect opportunity to learn more.


  • Dylan McCall

    That is an awesomely pretty brochure 🙂
    (Now, if only it was made with Scribus. Some day, some day…)

    Sorry to drift way off topic, but is that a new masthead it has? (Maybe I’m just totally out of it). It’s really colourful and cool looking.

    Django session is on my calendar, and I definitely need the GTD one, too. REALLY diverse sessions this time. Nice!

    This isn’t on The Fridge yet, by the way.

    • – I’m not sure what you mean by masthead?

      Looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂

    • Phandroid

      It is pretty and done in InDesign 😉

      I really wish Ubuntu people would dogfood more 🙁 Using Windows or Mac is cheating. And no, I don’t think Canonicals Designers run InDesign on Wine.

      • Seriously… are you going to comment on every mention of the brochure now?

        I did the initial cut of the brochure in OO.o: http://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/udw.odt – the final version looks fantastic and if InDesign is what designers good with I really don’t complain.

        • Phandroid

          I agree that it looks good, but I also think it is a bit hypocritical to promise things like: “we encourage you to use free and open source software, improve it and pass it on” and then build and use closed source software in a lot of places.

          I don’t wanna start a fight .. I am just saying.

          Dogfood may not be the best food, but it will make you happy and strong in the long run.
          (And btw Scribus is very very capable. A good designer will make similarly fanastic pdf with Scribus.)

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