August 12, 2009

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Harvest needs UI Love

It’s been a while since Harvest was announced. To many it seems to be a very useful service, trying to aggregate opportunities for Ubuntu developers from various other lists. Some ideas worked out very well (aggregation on a per-package level, categorisation, etc.), only the code was a bit hard to work on.

After various discussions with people like James Westby, Brian Murray and others we wanted to explore a framework that makes our lives easier. Django was chosen and the initial port completed. Since Django made it very easy we also added the ability to add comments, descriptions and so on.

What needs to happen now? We need people who are good with web UI to help us make sense of a list of x-thousand opportunities and hundreds of packages. Logging in via Launchpad OpenID works too, so we should be able to get information like bug contacts and upload privileges in the near future.

Please help us out:

  • Who knows a bit about Django and Web UI?
  • How do you imagine the new Harvest should look like?
  • Please leave a comment below and branch lp:~harvest-dev/harvest/django if you want to help out! (The INSTALL file has instructions on how to set everything up.)
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