August 21, 2009

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Computers without internet are no fun

You probably heard “Computers without internet are no fun” or “Linux/Ubuntu without internet is no fun” before and your might have had the same feeling the last time your DSL provider hat an outage.

Fact is that a lot of areas around the world don’t have a chearp, reliable or fast internet or no internet at all. Ubuntu is used in those areas.

The Ubuntu NGO team is trying to make life with Ubuntu easier for organisations working in those areas. Some of you will know how to set up an offline mirror of the Ubuntu archive, how to set up squid, how to use rsync and so on. Many people don’t. If you have good¬† ideas, know of good documentation, are knowledgable in that area, please consider joining the team and mailing list. We want to build good documentation and share best-practices, work on small tools to help overcome common problems.

Another area we’re trying to look into is offline content. Schools in areas with little or no connectivity would benefit from an offline Wikipedia or other free content and small scripts to assemble that data, update it and use it with or without a small server would be fantastic. If you know a bit about solutions there or would like to help out. please consider joining the team and mailing list.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on our mailing list and fixing those problems together. Ubuntu without internet still IS fun after all. :-)

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