You're using Ubuntu in your NGO?

When Ubuntu was first announced, I was intrigued by what Ubuntu meant and the explanation “I am what I am because of who we all are” describes best what my whole Ubuntu experience has been like since then. It very much was and very much still is the spirit of helping and sharing.

At UDS in Barcelona I want us to have a session about the use of Ubuntu in NGOs to think a bit more about what is needed from Ubuntu and what further ideas we can think of.

For the session I’d like to have your input.

Do you have experience with the topic? Do you make use of Ubuntu in your NGO? Where and how do you use it there? Are there things you’re struggling with?

Please drop me an email or leave a comment below. Thanks. :-)

Update: The question came up a couple of times, so: instead of using NGO (Non-governmental organisation), I should probably have said charitable organisation.


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2009-05-14 12:24 +0200

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