Time to Party!

I was just thinking today “How many releases did we do already?” and I realised 9.04 is going to be our tenth release! Don’t believe me? Let’s count them through:

  1. Warty Warthog, 4.10
  2. Hoary Hedgehog, 5.04
  3. Breezy Badger, 5.10
  4. Dapper Drake, 6.06
  5. Edgy Eft, 6.10
  6. Feisty Fawn, 7.04
  7. Gutsy Gibbon, 7.10
  8. Hardy Heron, 8.04
  9. Intrepid Ibex, 8.10
  10. Soon to come: Jaunty Jackalope, 9.04

Holy cow, it’s too easy to forget at which mad pace we together are spreading Ubuntu – sounds like we should have some HUGE celebration! 🙂

As we’re rushing towards Jaunty Beta, now is a good time to think about partying. We have some great documentation about how you can run a release party and there’s a good bunch of teams around the world who already added their party to the list.

Now is a good time to talk to your local Ubuntu friends and start thinking about adding your own. Enjoy being together and celebrating the success of all our hard work together.

If you are afraid of lots of organisational mumbo-jumbo, I can assure you: it’s not strictly necessary. The 4k team sure had a bit more organisation to do, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

The first Ubuntu release party I organised in Berlin was a bit different. The team was fairly new and I just sent out a mail saying “drop me an email, tell me how many you are and I’ll tell you how to get there”. Little did I know I’d be getting a bunch of emails of the type “I’m going to bring my wife and my neighbour is going to come too”, etc. Even my brother surprised me at around 23:00, he brought along some old friends of mine. In the end we were around 40 people in my appartment and we had a fantastic time. People brought some drinks along, we had music there and I just bought a few bags of crisps for everybody. We partied until the sun rose and had a great time.

The lesson learned: if you don’t have a huge venue and all that, take it easy: just invite a few people to your place. 🙂

I hope to see parties from all over the world on this page soon, and hopefully yours is on it next.


My 5 today: #344021 (email-reminder), #343728 (freemat), #342954 (sivp), #343167 (jd), #344249 (jokosher)
Do 5 a day – every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

  • Hey, 10-release birthday, it’ll be a blast.
    In DK we’ll do a standard conference thing with 2 tracks, a workshop track, mainly with install-help and onsite support, and a talk track where different people will talk about different subjects, just like we did last time. 🙂

    • That sounds fantastic – rock on! Are you in touch with any DK teams to give them some support?

  • Daniel Robitaille

    10 already? Wow. Time sure flies when people are having fun 🙂

    • Man… how are you doing? Long time no see!

      • Daniel Robitaille

        I’m still around, still reading the Ubuntu mailing lists and blogs; but now just one ordinary user of Ubuntu, both at home and at work. I wish I had more time to contribute more actively; maybe one day I will be able to get back into this.

        And I’m writing this from my old laptop I got during the period of the Ubuntu Laptop Team testing days.

  • Wow 10 that’s amazing! Good to see some of the good ‘old’ faces are still around too. I miss you guys! I’ll be there in spirit!

  • Seems to have been yeeeeears ago 🙂 Which release did we celebrate?

  • anyone doing an upgrade video from first version to the last one?
    (with good changelog – what was good in each of release)

    preparing for romanian party, this time i hope to do it better than the previous one , also i will keep an log/report for what will happen there

  • Thanks a lot Daniel. Am hooked to Ubuntu, you made me addicted. You are the culprit 😀