January 19, 2009

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Week of Awesome ... soon to begin

The Week of Awesome is about to begin real soon now and I for one am very excited.

We’ve been working hard on getting a fantastic line-up of Ubuntu rockstars together and I think we’ve succeeded. We have a very diverse set of sessions this time and I’m sure there’s something in there for all of you.

How to join in? Just join #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net to follow along the sessions (if you can’t attend, read the logs here afterwards). Ask your questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat please to not disrupt the session itself.

So what’s on the schedule today?

  • GETTING STARTED – this is going to be great: get the big overview of Ubuntu Development, learn how to set up your development environment and ask all your questions. We are going to have 2 hours time which will hopefully give us enough room for all the questions and clarifications you need. As I mentioned before, this is going to be a first: this session will not only be in English, but in Finnish (#ubuntu-fi-devel - thanks Timo and Jussi), French (#ubuntu-fr-classroom - thanks Didier and Christophe), German (#ubuntu-classroom-de), Italian (#ubuntu-classroom-it, thanks Devid) and Spanish (#ubuntu-classroom-es, thanks Nicolas) as well. Awesome!
  • Packaging 101 – this session is a classic. It’s always been a success and a lot of fun. Learn what the bare-bone structure of a package should be like and how the bits that make up Ubuntu awesomeness are put together.
  • Working Well With Debian – I’m very pleased Nicolas Valcarcel and Barry deFreese agreed to hold this session. Debian is our most important upstream and we want to be “good neighbours”. Learn how to give back to Debian and how to work seamlessly in the Ubuntu and Debian landscape.
  • Understanding GNOME Technologies – You’re into GNOME and want to start hacking on it? You still a bit unsure about all the bits and pieces that GNOME is made up? No problem! We have Ted Gould here who will explain it all to you.

What a fantastic start of the week!

I very much look forward to all the sessions and seeing you there.

This is the ultimate opportunity to get involved in Ubuntu Development!

You like what’s on the schedule? Yes? Then please do me a favour: let your friends/LoCo/LUG/etc. know! :-)


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