Week of Awesome - Last Day

The 3rd Ubuntu Developer Week is over and thanks to the tireless work of the Scribes team all the logs are available here.

Let’s do a quick re-cap of what happened on day 5:

  • Lars Wirzenius talked about Testing your .deb with piuparts. It was a fun session, where major features of piuparts were discussed. Use it as a health-check for your package’s installability and upgradeability. Thanks Lars!
  • The unstoppable Michael Vogt talked about Fun with python-apt. He did an amazing job at explaining the moving parts of apt and how to make use of them. The examples Michael picked were easy to understand and will hopefully inspire a lot of new scripts that make all our lives easier. Great job!
  • Martin Albisetti and Paul Hummer were next and talked about Bazaar and Launchpad - How to do it. This session was awesome and showed very elegantly why the combination of Launchpad and Bazaar is the best thing since sliced bread. Easy to use, does not get in your way and it does all the hard work for you. Fantastic! Go and use it! :-)
  • Ben Collins, kernel hacker extraordinaire, talked about Packaging Kernel modules with DKMS. Like a true kernel hacker, he kept the session short and to the point. I hope it’ll inspire you to help out in the Kernel team. They’re a fun bunch of guys and don’t bite. :-)
  • Last but not least we had the Cody Somerville and Charlie talking about the Xfce of Awesome: Xubuntu. Changes for Xfce 4.6 and how Xubuntu QA works were covered, looks like Xubuntu 9.04 will be excellent!

That concludes our 3rd Ubuntu Developer Week. I hope you enjoyed the ride and if you’re still thinking about what the best way to get involved might be, it’s here.

My 5 today: #320995 (lhs2tex), #321245 (ldap-haskell), #321244 (hslogger), #321249 (washngo), #321013 (ubuntu) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day


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2009-01-26 08:45 +0100

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