January 23, 2009

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Week of Awesome - Day 4

What a day… what a day! Day 4 was interesting, impressive, fantastic. Let’s have a quick re-cap:

  • Ara Pulido started the day with talking about Automated Desktop Testing. she shared a secret during her session, it’s a very simple truth: “testing software is FUN - not boring, not tedious, but FUN”.  The session was very interesting, take a look at it, find out how it works and you can make Desktop Software rock even harder.
  • Neil Patel, Bill Filler and Pete Goodall were up next and did a Ubuntu Netbook Remix Q&A session. The session promised to be exciting and exciting it was. Myriads of good questions came up and everybody left with a much better idea of how netbooks are special, what the plans are and how things are going to look like. Awesome!
  • Scott James Remnant came up with the next session and talked about Boot Performance. He explained very well how things work, mistakes of the past, what the challenges ahead are and how to measure things. It was a very informative and very fun session.
  • Harald Sitter and Steve Stalcup talked about Kubuntu Ninjas in Unicorn mode. The session started off with the explanation that I promised and it was “Ninjas are magic blue headed monkeys with batwings and a horn looking like a gear on their foreheads, who are mostly talking jibberish so that the other Ubuntu developers don’t understand them”. Luckily the session afterwards was much more coherent and showed how to get involved in packaging Kubuntu goodness. Excellent!
  • Mirco Bauer and Jo Shields, our good friends in the Mono team talked about Packaging software for Mono. This session, too, was very informative and showcased lots of the good work that’s going on to deliver Mono on Ubuntu and Debian.

Thanks a lot everybody - this was brilliant!

Unfortunately, sadly, we’re rushing towards the last day of this Week of Awesome. So let’s see what we’ve got:

  • Testing your .deb with piuparts: Lars Wirzenius will be around to talk about his own creation: piuparts. A great tool to test installability of Debian and Ubuntu packages. Come to the session, learn more and build better packages!
  • Fun with python-apt: Michael Vogt is one of my personal heroes and I’m very happy he takes time out of his schedule to talk about python-apt and how it can make your life easier by simplifying your interaction with packages.
  • Bazaar and Launchpad - How to do it: YES! Martin Albisetti and Paul Hummer are going to be there and talk about one of the greatest and hottest topics of this year: using Distributed Version Control to make your project work better and make the best out of your time. Awesome!
  • Packaging Kernel modules with DKMS: Ben Collins one of our tireless Kernel heroes will talk about DKMS: a great tool to make building, packaging, upgrading Kernel modules as easy as 1-2-3. Rock on Kernel Team!
  • Xubuntu: simple name of the session, straight-forward as it’s going to be. Cody Somerville and our friends of the XFCE camp are going to be there and show you the best of their work, show you how to get involved and why their work is so important.

Enjoy our last day of the Week of Awesome! Hope you’re going to enjoy it!

My 5 today: #317506 (libgsf), #318914 (wavsplit), #307641 (ruby1.8), #309684 (exiv2), #317407 (hwdata) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

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