With day 3 behind us the majority of sessions have already been held, unfortunately, but what an exciting day 3 it was. Let’s re-cap what happened:

  • Sebastien Bacher was the first on that day and he talked about Pushing out GNOME releases to millions of users. I was particularly excited to see this session happening as I had been part of the fun for many months and I learned so much from this great French man, Mr. sebuild. The Desktop Team is very inviting and doing a great job, there’s a lot to do and a lot of fun to have, join in today!
  • I had the second slot and I talked about Fixing Bugs in Ubuntu. I great enjoyed the session and my gut feeling told me that everybody had a lot of fun there as well. We used Harvest to find a few simple opportunities, all of the category “resolved-upstream”. It’s important to me convey that fixing bugs in Ubuntu is not very hard, because it isn’t. If you like improving your detective skills on a day-to-day basis, like making things work, are not afraid to ask and careful enough to test things: you’re definitely the right person for the team!
  • Next up was my good friend James Westby, who talked about Bazaar for Packaging. Good man that he is, he picked one of the bugs I talked about a bit earlier and demonstrated the sheer power and sheer amount of awesome that Bazaar has and showcased nice features that make your work a lot lot lot easier. Awesome!
  • The friends of the K got all they ever wanted and more in Jonathan Thomas’ excellent Kubuntu Bug Squishing session. He explained very well how to fix bugs where to look for fixes and how it all comes together in the form of packaging. Join the team now, Kubuntu needs more hands on deck!
  • Nick Barcet ran the last session of the day and talked about Using VMBuilder to create test environment. Unfortunately Søren Hansen got ill, so Nick was all on his own, but Nick did a fantastic job explaining why vmbuilder is so awesome and how you can play with the development release without fearing your precious system to blow up. Fantastic!

Awesome. Thanks a lot dear speakers, you did great! Thanks a lot dear Scribes team for getting the logs together.

So what’s going on today? Day 4 of the Week of Awesome?

  • Automated Desktop Testing: First up is Ara Pulido talking about how we automatically test Desktop applications, test for regressions and so on. This is kick-ass technology and easy to set up. Ara will show you how you can join in on the fun.
  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix Q&A: Without doubt there’s a lot of excitement around netbooks and the possibilities they offer. UI mastermind Neil Patel and his friends are going to lead the session and answer all the questions you have about the future of netbooks, how they are special and which UI considerations are taken into account. Come in masses!
  • Boot Performance: Next up is Scott James Remnant who will talk about how booting works, what’s being worked on to cut down the time, how to measure it properly and all the bits and pieces that are involved in the topic. This is going to be a fantastic session, ask all your questions there!
  • Kubuntu Ninja’s - Packagers in Unicorn mode: How does Kubuntu, Ninjas and Unicorns fit together in one sentence? To be very honest: I have no clue. What I do know is that this is going to be great and if you care about the big K, this is your chance to get involved, learn more and make Kubuntu even better. Harald Sitter and Steve Stalcup will show you how.
  • Packaging software for Mono, for great justice: I’m very pleased we’re having Jo Shields and Mirco Bauer here to give a session about Mono packaging. How is it different? Why is it a lot of fun? Where does the team need help? Find out today!

This is going to be very exciting today, I hope you’ll all be there and bring your friends. Get involved with Ubuntu Development! Don’t be shy and ask your questions. :-)

My 5 today: #319702 (vino), #318912 (fblogo), #318911 (apollon), #319334 (openoffice.org-voikko), #319781 (netrek-client-cow) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day