January 21, 2009

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Week of Awesome - Day 2

What a fantastic day 2 it was. Lots of excited people, lots of great sessions and lots of new participants in the Ubuntu landscape. Yoohooo!

Let’s recap day 2:

  • First up was Tom ‘intellectronica’ Berger, who talked about Launchpad Bug Tracking. He had a nice approach to finding out how experienced everybody was with our bug tracker, nicknamed ‘Malone’: he asked everybody to rate their experience on a scale from 0-10. We had people at both ends of the spectrum and Tom did a fantastic job delivering something new to everybody. When Markus Korn said he probably was at a 7.99, this was Tom’s reponse: “thekorn: give me a break, you’re more like 11 :)". For those of you who don’t know Markus: he wrote python-launchpad-bugs and is wrapping his head around python-launchpadlib as well. :-) The session was great - thanks Tom!
  • Next up was Ara Pulido who talked to us about QA Tools. The BugSquad and the QA team have done a great job at getting a bunch of tools together to make life easier when you’re inspecting bugs and QA related matters. Ara was great at explaining everything and being very modest, she commented the the applause with “ok, enough, I am not Madonna”. :-)
  • Next up was Launchpad developer Leonard Richardson who talked about the awesome Launchpad Web Service API. There’s really little need for screen-scraping any more, which is great. Leonard also talked about the roadmap of the project and how it works and got a lot of interesting questions. Well done Launchpad Team!
  • The Security team came next and explained how they deliver High-quality Updates. Marc, Kees and Jamie talked about their workflow, what is most important when doing security updates and the various initiatives that we have to make Ubuntu more secure. Rock on everybody, you’re doing great!
  • The last session Debugging Program Crashes was unfortunately cancelled. Martin Pitt said himself “I just did something incredibly stupid - I deleted my talk! I’m terribly sorry, I’m afraid I have to cancel this and move it to a later place”.¬† Watch this place or that place for an update when we’re going to have the session. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Awesome. Now we’re approaching mid of the week, so let’s see what Day 3 has in store for us:

  • Pushing out GNOME releases to millions of users: First up is Sebastien “sebuild” Bacher. He’s not only really good at it, but he has also been doing it since day 1 of Ubuntu. If you’re interested in GNOME, interested in making Ubuntu better and being part of the Desktop team, join in this session - I know from my own experience how much fun it is - don’t miss it.
  • Fixing Bugs in Ubuntu: I’m going to give this session and show you that it’s not very hard to start making Ubuntu better. It’ll be a hands-on session where I’ll talk about tools and processes how to get involved to fix bugs and be part of the revolution.
  • Bazaar for Packaging: DJ James Westby will be around for the next session and talk about how you can make packaging and package maintenance more fun by using Bazaar. Distributed Development is the future. Let James take you on a trip to finding out how, where and why.
  • Kubuntu Bug Squishing: Gather ‘round friends of the big K! We’ll have our KDE experts around who will talk about bugs and how to get rid of them. Get involved with the Kubuntu Krew - it’s going to be excellent!
  • Using VMBuilder to create test environments: Afraid of running the development release on your only machine? Need another Ubuntu instance to test something? Nick Barcet has the answers for you. He will talk about VMBuilder and how to use it. ROCK ON!

This is a very exciting day, be sure to be there. Ask your questions, debate and get involved!

My 5 today: #318844 (ubuntu), #318174 (darkice), #319080 (glade-3), #319089 (gnome-themes), #319071 (gnome-menus) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

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