Week of Awesome - Day 1

Holy cow, this was a very exciting start for a Ubuntu Developer Week. We had lots and lots of attendants and I was surprised how many really great questions we got and how awesome the atmosphere was. Everybody is really thrilled about getting started with Ubuntu Development. WOW!

  • We kicked it all off with a two hour session called Getting Started. For the first time we had the session in English, Finnish, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We felt it was important to help non-English speakers into the project. Although it was a bit more organisation than usual, it was a roaring success. We covered lots of bits and pieces around Ubuntu development (setting up a GPG key, we toyed around with pbuilder, etc.), talked about Ubuntu Development in general and of course: answered myriads of questions. What I liked very much was the fact that everybody from the local-language sessions were keen to ask questions in the English sessions afterwards.
  • The next session was Packaging 101 where we dissected the ‘hello’ package. Even though this is a very boring package we managed to cover a lot of packaging concepts in there and everybody was keen to crack on and learn more.
  • Nicolas Valcarcel and Barry deFreese ran the Working Well With Debian session afterwards which was just awesome. In the sessions I gave before a lot of people already asked how to collaborate with Debian and how to be a good neighbour. Barry and Nicolas could easily answer all their questions.
  • Ted Gould was up next and helped us Understanding GNOME technologies. He did a great job at explaining the underlying foundation and the interest and amount of question tells me: we’re going to have a bunch of excited GNOME contributors soon. :-)

Thanks a lot dear presenters of Monday - you kicked UDW off in style. :-)

So what’s coming up on day 2?

  • Tom Berger is up first to talk about Launchpad Bug Tracking.**** He knows a great deal about the topic himself, he’s on the Launchpad team, working on ‘Malone’, the bugtracker. I hope you bring mountains of questions to keep Tom busy. :-)
  • Next up is Ara Pulido who will talk about QA Tools. If you’re interested in helping out with Quality Assurance or want to learn more about great tools that can also make YOUR work with your project in Ubuntu easier, be sure to be there.
  • Leonard Richardson is another member of the Launchpad team and has been working on the Launchpad Web Service API. He tells us to Stop Screen-Scraping, Use the Launchpad Web Service API. If you ever needed data from Launchpad for a script or something this is exactly your session.
  • Jamie Strandboge, Kees Cook and Marc Deslauriers are up next. They’re our good friends in the security team and they’ll tell you more about Creating high-quality updates. If you’re excited about security matters, go and talk to them.
  • Next up is the unstoppable Martin Pitt who will talk us through** Debugging Program Crashes**. If you ever encountered a Segmentation Fault and did not know what to do, here’s the solution: ask Martin Pitt today.

Day 2 is going to be fantastic, I hope you’re going to be there as well.

My 5 today: #318706 (monodevelop-database), #318534 (axel), #318531 (audit), #318592 (bugzilla), #318924 (sphinx) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day


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2009-01-20 08:03 +0100

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