Why I believe in Ubuntu

In response to Jono’s excellent blogpost about the Ubuntu Ethos here’s why I believe in Ubuntu.

For me Ubuntu is very very much about the people. From the first second (in the no-name-yet days) on I enjoyed being with the Ubuntu people. I felt very welcome by everybody and it was instantly clear to me that everybody deeply believes in “I am what I am because of who we all are”.

I had a real eye-opening moment when I attended the Free Software Congress in Alicante some weeks ago. After my talk a lot of people approached me to thank me for my talk and thank us all for the great work we’ve put into Ubuntu. Among them a teacher who was translating questions by his pupils. Their enthusiasm for Ubuntu and the opportunities they now have was simply touching. In that moment that I understood that in the last weeks I probably took too much for granted - I had momentarily forgotten who we are all doing this for.

Since I started contributing to Ubuntu everybody I’ve spoke to showed a similar feeling of gratitude for everybody else’s contributions and that we only stand at this point because of the manifold kinds of contributions of the (wider) community. This is one of the core values of Ubuntu to me.

What I also like about Ubuntu is the friendly pragmatism with which things get done. We all stand behind the Ubuntu Ethos. The feeling of acting in concert, of doing everything it takes together to kick the ball out of the park is what gets me excited every day.

I enjoy every day in the Ubuntu world because I know that we are creating opportunities. We are enabling people around the world, we give freedom.

Another thing that really excites me is seeing members of our community taking the ball and running with it. Sharing your enthusiasm is the best thing you can do - it’s reenergising and is giving focus to everybody else.

What about you? Why do you believe in Ubuntu?

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2008-12-19 11:51 +0100

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