If you REALLY want to share a taxi at UDS...

… please mention WHEN you arrive and WHERE!

There are a lot of entries with

  • no data about the arrival departure at all
  • no information if you’re going to land at San Jose or San Francisco

A minor point is probably that everybody uses a different format for specifying date and time, which makes it very hard to spot who arrives when.  (It’s probably just me, but I prefer something like “2008-09-12 15:45” … local time.)

I just sorted UDSJaunty/Attendees and try to make things easier to spot. Please update your information… if you really want to share a taxi at UDS.

My 5 today: #303830 (tomboy), #303316 (gourmet), #303692 (gpart), #278418 (human-icon-theme), #303783 (openal-soft)

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2008-12-01 18:15 +0100

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