What I like best about the Hall of Fame is definitely the “featured contributor”. There’s so many people in our project that do awesome work in so many different ways. Some of them are not very vocal about the awesomeness they put into Ubuntu and don’t get the credits they deserve, being it as a developer, artist, forum person, wiki writer, documenter, LoCo organiser, system administrator, etc. etc.

The “featured contributor” helps to give an insight into what people are doing in the Ubuntu project and gives us all a chance to stop for a moment and thank them.

I just added a “Nominate somebody!” link to the HoF where you can nominate your favourite Unsung Hero just by sending in their Launchpad ID and adding a short explanation of why they should on there.

Please make good use of this feature and join us celebrating our Unsung Heroes.

My 5 today: #304570 (swfdec-mozilla), #304538 (gucharmap), #304606 (memcachedb), #304642 (gnotime) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day