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I’m very pleased the Ubuntu Hall of Fame is announced.

It’s been great to work with Stuart Langridge: he’s a rockstar himself and his Web skills are simply phenomenal; on top of that he didn’t even mind my stupid questions. :-)

The HoF is great in many ways: it serves as a window into many parts of our community: translations, bug work, development, work with upstream, but also showcases dedicated members of our community in areas that are probably less measurable.

Sponsoring of course is important to me as it’s THE way to get involved in Ubuntu Development and it’s great we have so many people dedicated to help starting others to get involved.

It’s been great to get so much feedback already. I have a big bunch of new ideas already - expect new great things soon. :-)

The featured contributor was a great idea and I’m also happy that so many took the opportunity to thank Nick Ali. He absolutely deserved to be on there. (Did you find the “Thank Nick!” link and clickt it already?)

To stay in the spirit of thanking: thanks everybody for great ideas, thanks Ken Wimer for the great ‘rockstar’ button, thanks Markus Korn for helping me with launchpadlib and everybody else. :-)

If you have any suggestions for the next “featured contributor” feel free to mail Jorge, Jono or me with your suggestion and a description why.

My 5 today: #300483 (rrdtool), #300532 (glunarclock), #261017 (psad), #300547 (modconf), #289449 (ubuntu)

Do 5 a day - every day!


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2008-11-21 12:32 +0100

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