Today is another Bug Jam day in Berlin. Hope to see you all at c-base later on.

At some of the last Bug Jams, Berlin’s release party and other conversations I’ve had, there were lots of of requests for coupling Bug Jams and Packaging Jams. The “Fixing a bug in Ubuntu - it’s easier than you think” session at Ubuntu Open Week last Friday showed me how much excitement there is and that it’s probably a good idea.

Looking forward, it’d be great to have more of those sessions: more sessions, more cities, more topics.

A questions to the reader: If you were to visit such a city in a place nearby, what would you like to see?

My 5 today: #294708 (upx-ucl), #295802 (tiger), #296397 (notecase), #294156 (ubuntu), #271516 (ubuntu)

Do 5 a day - every day!