November 3, 2008

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Berlin action

The Berlin release party was excellent. Lots and lots of people, very likely due to the great support of “Berliner Fenster” (the company that runs the announcement/news screens in the Berlin metros)

Thanks a lot, dear supporters at Berliner Fenster.

So what was the party like? We met in Berlin’s c-base (the sunken spaceship) and around 150-200 people showed up. There was a very busy schedule of interesting talks and lots of chatting on the hallways. Lots of interesting people, lots of excitement, lots of good questions and lots of interest in more bug jams and packaging jams.

After the talk programme we had a band and a Techno live act play and everybody enjoyed the event. Thanks a lot to everybody who helped to make this happen, particularly thanks to the unstoppable Caspar Clemens Mierau.

Hope to see you all on the next Bug Jam (Nov 11th).

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