WANTED: Help with Interviews

James Westby, Jorge Castro and I were just talking about Ubuntu Developer Interviews. Wouldn’t you just love it to learn quickly and regularly about new exciting features that are happening? Learn more about the developers themselves and maybe even how you could get involved and join in on the fun?

I have just a very few, very quick questions to you, please add a comment to the blog if you have an answer:

  • Which interviews would you like to see? Your favourite features? Your favourite developers?
  • Would you like helping out with doing interviews?
  • If you run a podcast, would you like to be notified about new interviews and re-do them in audio? Do you think it’s a good idea?
  • If you run a news site, would you like to be notified of new interviews?

Send in comments! 🙂

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  • F30

    Which interviews would you like to see? Your favourite features? Your favourite developers?

    Well, interviews with special persons might be interesting, but I like the idea of interviewing with focus on special features more.

  • I’ll like an interview with the guy responsible of making Jaunty Jackalope theme, about the future, and are we going to see a new theme this time?

    Also with the people on the desktop specially what are the plans to GNOME on Ubuntu, maybe talk about Gnome 3?

  • i love the idea! and as always if you need some help, just ping me so i can find some time for it.

  • Hey Daniel!

    I can help out doing the interviews if you still need someone – just let me know. Id love to see interviews with upstream authors, how they view development and their interaction with kubuntu. The community is much bigger than just our immediate area. 🙂

    anyway, ping me sometime on IRC if you need more hands.

  • Nick Ellery


    I love the idea. I’d like to see interviews on specific developers. However, I’d like to see ones on people all over the Ubuntu community, such as LoCo heads, bug triagers, documentation writers, and of course, from developers.

  • I have always enjoyed reading the interviews about developers in the Ubuntu community. My one suggestion would be to do batches of themed interviews. For instance, you had several interviews relating to the sponsorship queue. Maybe you could do a batch of interviews relating to Kubuntu/Xubuntu development. I would also be glad to help in any way possible with these interviews. Send me an email or ping me on IRC (nhandler) if you want help. Keep up the great work!

  • The UWN is alway looking for new news from the developer community. Please be sure to keep Nick or myself informed!!