WANTED: Help with Interviews

James Westby, Jorge Castro and I were just talking about Ubuntu Developer Interviews. Wouldn’t you just love it to learn quickly and regularly about new exciting features that are happening? Learn more about the developers themselves and maybe even how you could get involved and join in on the fun?

I have just a very few, very quick questions to you, please add a comment to the blog if you have an answer:

  • Which interviews would you like to see? Your favourite features? Your favourite developers?
  • Would you like helping out with doing interviews?
  • If you run a podcast, would you like to be notified about new interviews and re-do them in audio? Do you think it’s a good idea?
  • If you run a news site, would you like to be notified of new interviews?

Send in comments! :-)

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2008-10-21 18:46 +0200

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