Ubuntu Developer Week - Last Day

Unfortunately Ubuntu Developer Week is over, but I think I speak for a whole lot of people when I say: it was big fun! Thanks again to all speakers, all participants and the Scribes team who put up logs of the event. Awesome!

Let’s re-cap what happened at day 5:

  • Matt Zimmerman kicked off with “Ask Matt”. He answered myriads questions about Ubuntu Development plans, syncing of upstream and distro schedules, distributed development, Canonical partners and ltos of other interesting things. If you read the log you can imagine how fast Matt was typing to answer the questions. Rock On, Matt!
  • Lars Wirzenius talked about “Unit testing Python Code, with code coverage measurement”. He did a great job at explaining the bits an pieces needed to write better code and get it tested. The audience was very interested and will hopefully make Lars proud with their next Python projects. :-)
  • The “Introduction to the Installer Team” was up next and Evan Dandrea held a great session about it. It’s worth pointing out how modest Evan was and how he introduced everybody who’s involved in the team. He also gave a quick udpate what’s happening in the team right now and invited everybody to join in on the fun.
  • The “Introduction to the Security Team" session was packed with people who wanted to see Jamie Strandboge, Kees Cook and William Grant talk about their most favourite topic. They started off with a quick introduction to the lifecycle of a security issue, areas in which the team is active, proper testing of security fixes and so on. Lots and lots of good questions.
  • Ben Collins had the last slot of this week, talking about “the Kernel Team”. Current plans, DKMS goodness, 2.6.26 vs 2.6.27 and lots of other discussion happened and everybody saw how much fun the Kernel can be.

I’m still excited about all the great people we had there and the fun we all had. Awesome!


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2008-09-08 11:45 +0200

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