I’d like this comment to go out to everybody who held sessions, helped organising Ubuntu Developer Week, participated and helped to make this an AWESOME event:

I was able to make Monday’s sessions, since it was Labor Day here in the US, and all the sessions were absolutely awesome. I had to work the rest of the week, but I’ve been faithfully refreshing the #ubuntu-classroom logs every hour (no IRC at work).

I want to seriously thank all the people who held/are holding sessions this week. While I’m not following live in the room, I’ll be going back through the sessions one by one and working through them when I have the chance. I have enough of an attention deficit anyway, so I highly doubt I’d ever have the patience to wade through all the tutorials and respective reference documentation for them. Last week, I thought Launchpad was just yet another bug tracking suite (that rabbit hole’s looking quite deep now :) ).

Take care, and hopefully I’ll see you around.

Today’s the last day, tune in, participate, enjoy.