September 5, 2008

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Ubuntu Developer Week - Day 4

Day 4… and what a great day it was, here a blow-by-blow recap of what happened yesterday:

  • Ara Pulido kicked off the day with “Automated Testing of the Desktop". Ara showed us what amazing stuff she was working on. Check out this fine example: it shows how easy it has become nowadays to test the integral parts of our Ubuntu Desktop. The audience asked lots of interesting questions any everybody left the session with a much better idea of what’s happening in #ubuntu-testing.
  • Afterwards I did another session called “How do I fix an Ubuntu bug". The main aim of these session was to demonstrate how easy it is with Harvest and the Ubuntu development tools to make Ubuntu better today. That you don’t need a degree in rocket science, just a knack for trying to make things work again, some patience and that you’re good at team-play. The session was well-attended and the questions showed that the audience was clearly motivated to shake out bugs of Ubuntu. We even managed to fix two bugs during the session. The shipment of awesome-ness clearly has arrived!
  • Jonathan Riddell delivered the third session that day and showed how to write a “WebKit browser in PyKDE". Everybody was very impressed by how easy it is to use WebKit in PyKDE. Have a look at the examples yourself: this is clearly next-generation awesome stuff.
  • Alexander Sack afterwards gave a great introduction to “Having fun with the Mozilla Team". This is one of the very very busy teams we all expect the best from. Alexander explained all the areas that require work (extensions, bug work, maintenance of all mozilla-related packages, etc.) At the end of the session he demonstrated the ease of packaging Mozilla extension. Rock and Roll!
  • Steve Langasek as one of the Heroes of the Archive Admins delivered a great session on “How to avoid making Archive Admins unhappy". The session was a great opportunity to find out almost everything that’s reviewed with great scrutiny, especially since the session was a relaxed discussion, it invited everybody to join in.

The week went to its end very very quickly. Let’s have a look at what’s happening today:

  • 16:00 UTC: What a start of the day, we’ll kick off the day with “Ask Matt"! I’m pretty pleased Matt has taken time out of his schedule to answer all kinds of questions. As he said, he’s particularly interested in questions about community-oriented development, the software technologies used in Ubuntu, and what we do at Canonical. Bring it on!
  • 17:00 UTC: Lars Wirzenius takes the second slot and delivers a great session about “Unit testing with Python code, with code coverage measurement”. Learn how to write better code by better testing your code. Learn from Lars to help out on his mission: less bugs, better software!
  • 18:00 UTC: Talking about good software: Evan Dandrea is up next and will give you an “Introduction to the Installer Team". Ask all your questions about the installer itself, how to get involved and what needs doing to make the installer even better.
  • 19:00 UTC: Another introduction is due: Kees Cook and Jamie Strandboge will give you the “Introduction to the Security Team". These guys have done excellent work all over the place and the team is slowly growing with more and more participants. If you’re interested in making Ubuntu more secure, this is your chance to help out and get involved.
  • 20:00 UTC: The last session of the week is the “Kernel Discussion". Master of Awesome-ness Ben Collins will steer us through the session and will answer questions about all facets of the Ubuntu Kernel experience: your first steps at joining in on Ubuntu Kernel fun, how the team works, etc.

Come in masses, this is the last day of this Ubuntu Developer Week!

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