September 1, 2008

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Are you ready?

Only a very few hours left until we start a fantastic week of  Ubuntu Developer action.

So let’s take a look at the schedule for today:

  • I’ll have the first slot at 16:00 UTC. The session is called “Packaging 101” where I’ll be accompanying you on a trip through the basics of Ubuntu / Debian packaging.
  • Jorge Castro is up next, talking about “Upstream Bug Linkages”. Find out why they’re important, what we gain by using them and how to get involved there.
  • The unstoppable Iulian Udrea will introduce you to the MOTU Project, goals, processes, how to get involved, how to get started and of course answer all your questions.
  • Celso Providelo, one of the heroes of Launchpad’s Soyuz component will talk about “Soyuz and all that Jazz”. Get intimately familiar with the Launchpad’s Distribution Management.
  • Pedro Villavivencio will talk about the area that he absolutely excels in: “Ubuntu and GNOME QA”. Get ready for some hot action, ask all your questions and get involved!

I’m totally excited about the sessions we have this time, I hope you come in masses.

#ubuntu-classroom on is where the fun is.

Find out how to join in, how to participate and find logs on the main page if you can’t make it. (Thanks a lot to the Scribes team for setting up the logged pages and thanks Dylan McCall for setting up Google Calendars (ICAL, HTML) - You Guys ROCK!).

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