August 16, 2008

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15 years of freedom, 15 years of awesomeness.

Debian is the project that never ceased to amaze me: so many people, so many aims, so many ideas, so many packages, so many voices and the outcome is brilliant: a technically robust distribution that runs on almost everything. That’s quite an achievement, especially considering that the Debian team always remained true to their values: freedom, freedom and universality.

Of course I’m referring to the “free software”, but I’m also referring to the freedom to contribute and shape an aspect of Debian you care about. Communities can learn a lot from Debian.

I started using it with potato and was amazed by the clever package configuration management. Everything just worked and made sense. In the Debian world I mostly remained a user and spectator, but its community structure formed my understanding of communities and definitely softened me up for contributions to the open source world.

I wish Debian all the best! To more Debian birthdays!

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