August 5, 2008

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Global Bug Jam Countdown!

Global Bug Jam Countdown!

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The countdown to the first ever Global Bug Jam weekend is running. For Berlin it’s just 96 hours left until we meet at c-base to squash a bunch of bugs and have a lot of fun.

The list of participating city and country teams has been rising in the last days and I’m glad that the Berlin team is part of it. The following teams have Bug Jams organised locally: Chile, Ecuador (Quito), Nicaragua (Managua), Perú (Lima), Puerto Rico (Mayagüez), USA, Venezuela (Maracaibo), Thailand, India, Germany (Berlin), France (Toulouse).

The US teams have to set up a bunch of Bug Jams in various states.

Calfornia (Orange), Illinois (Chicago), Michigan (Detroit, Sault Ste. Marie), Maryland (Columbia),  Massachusetts (Boston).

The list is impressive and I’m very proud of all the teams who managed to pull this off, everybody involved in the planning, announcing and organising this: feel yourselves hugged and patted on the back. Well done!

Your team didn’t manage to set up a Bug Jam? No problem, if you’re adventurous: dive into last-minute preparations and set up one yourself. If it’s just three or four of your LoCo friends at your house: that’s fine. It’s all about the fun. If you don’t have the time to prepare the jam, just join #ubuntu-bugs on

Just in time lots of the BugSquad wiki pages have been revamped. Expect updated bug lists, etc. in the next days. Seems we’re almost ready to go.

Let’s get the party started! :-)

Update: for people running late in their organisation or if you have general questions about the Global Bug Jam, we’ll have a dedicated IRC session:

#ubuntu-bugs on at 16:00 UTC on Aug 6th

Update 2: we added a one-page cheatsheet to the GlobalBugJam page: print out a few and have a small stack of them at the venue.

My 5 today: #204704, #254827, #254690, #254829, #251919 Do 5 a day - every day!

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