August 11, 2008

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Berlin was part of it (GBJ report)

Berlin was part of it (GBJ report)

On Saturday we met in Berlin’s c-base to get all excited about bugs, bug triage and making Ubuntu better in general. I gave a quick presentation (thanks Chuck :-)) first, then we dived into bugs together.

Weather is not so great - great conditions to work on some Ubuntu bugs! View on the Spree river, c-base building.

_ _

Caspar Clemens Mierau (ccm) and Paul Sladen (sladen) at c-base.

We were around eight people there during the Jam and after some initial problems with the network and the projector (thanks a lot c-base people for fixing everything so quickly) we got started with basic questions about the process and what is expected from somebody who does bug triage.

Early arrivers, waiting for somebody to fix the network.

After that we started working on the “Bugs without a Packages” list and some people worked on specific packages and so on. It was interesting to see that almost everybody stumbled over the same problems: being intimidated about the huge bug lists, not knowing where to start best, etc. It takes quite some patience to get an idea of what’s expected, sharpen one’s detective skills and what’s the right question in situations.

Everybody’s happy at the Global Bug Jam.

I’m very happy that everybody enjoyed the jam and was quite excited to do another one. We plan to host regular bug jams in Berlin soon - if you’re interested, please let me know.

My 5 today: #256507, #256025, #256604, #256733, #211252 Do 5 a day - every day!

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