August 25, 2008

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Q: Can I modify Ubuntu bugs (in Launchpad) by email?

A: Yes, is an extensive guide about modifying bug reports via mail. As long as your mail is signed, you can to almost anything.

Q: What do I need to bear in mind when requesting a sync?

A: A sync request will effectively overwrite all changes that were made in Ubuntu. Therefore you not only need to make sure, that the new Debian package builds, installs and runs nicely, but also:

  • Check the actual diff. Reading changelog entries does not suffice (ie. “This sounds like XYZ was fixed there too."). If not all Ubuntu changes are present in Debian, we need to merge.
  • Make sure the tarballs in Ubuntu and Debian have the same md5sum. If not, we need to do a “fake-sync”.

Q: I have some time to kill and would like to fix some low-hanging fruit in Ubuntu. Any suggestions?

A: Check out Harvest. It aggregates low-hanging fruit from various lists. Just pick a few packages that you’re interested in.

My 5 today: #260865, #260498, #260550, #260062, #260370 Do 5 a day - every day!

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