I’m very happy about the comments I got about the MOTU Videos (youtube, videos.ubuntu.com). They’ve been very well-received and it’s just awesome to know that the time Jono and I spent in London to shoot those videos made a difference to a lot of people pondering contributing to Ubuntu.

We spent two days in a conference room in Millbank Tower and I’m very glad that Jono never got tired of doing yet another take - in the end things got a lot more fluent. (I’ll just blame it on flying in very early in the morning.) It was a lot of fun though! :-)

I’m happy to announce that work is underway to translate these videos into Spanish. If you have more ideas for MOTU Videos, please add them to MOTU/Videos. Also if you don’t have video equipment, why not do a cool screencast and mix your voice in as well? MOTU/Videos has more info about that as well.

I thought a bit about “Fixing a bug” videos. The aim of them is obvious: the processes to fix something in Ubuntu are really straight-forward - some fancy videos would just underline that fact and easily show off what you need to do.

If you’re fixing bugs for Ubuntu anyway, why not have a go at it and make a fancy video? If you plan to do so, please add it to MOTU/Videos.

My 5 today: #246804 (vzctl), #246330 (xchat), #246754 (rinse), #246715 (ubuntu), #244663 (hildon-theme-mobile-basic) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day