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I talked to Dereck Wonnacott of the Ubuntu Michigan team. Like a lot of other good people, he decided to run a Bug Jam in the time from August 8th to August 10th too.

Who are you and which LoCo do you represent? I am Dereck Wonnacott from Sault Ste. Marie, MI and naturally represent the Michigan Loco Team. Michigan being the large place that it is, we will be hosting two Bug Jams, the other one will be happening in the Detroit area.

How is the organization of the Global Bug Jam in your Loco coming on? The pieces are slowly falling into place, with the real ‘work’ about to start

When you spread the news to your Loco team members, how did they like the idea? The Michigan Loco has hosted Bug Jams in the lower part of the state, but this will be the first time hosting a Bug Jam in the Upper Peninsula. So this new territory is pretty exciting.

Did you organise events like this before? What are the challenges? If somebody wanted to organise such an event in your Loco (or elsewhere) what should they try to get right? With the help of pedro, I helped organize the most recent Hug Day where over 100 bugs for Xorg were hugged by eight contributers. [1] This gives me a lot of confidence in the triaging process now, however setting up a venue and getting the word out is a new deal for me.

For the other Locos that want to organize a Bug Jam, I highly recommend having a wiki page like the Hug Day. This takes care of giving credit to both your team and individual members. It also forces at least one person to be prepared and gives everyone a common tangible goal. Also, a bigger list broken into smaller lists seem to go well; if there are only 2~3 more bugs to finish a small sublist at the end of the night there is more motivation to stick around for the last bite rather than if there are still 70 bugs left.

Are you going to blog about the event and post pictures? :-) Of Course! My newly created blog will have something no doubt, as well as as on the projects section of Michigan Team’s Wiki page where you can see some of our other past events. We really need to dust off the wiki though. :)

My 5 today: #193502, #245480 (ldtp), #73233 (tftp-hpa), #246997 (upx-ucl), #239906 (groovy) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day