The Global Bug Jam

I’m sure you all know about the next big thing already: the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam is going to happen on the weekend of the 8th August to 10th August. Make sure to contact your LoCo about it in case you’re interested. We have a lot of documentation prepared on how to run a Bug Jam and any help on the way to making it happen is appreciated:

  • If you know a good venue where your LoCo or LUG could do the event, coordinate with your local friends and book it.
  • If you know your way around in Ubuntu Bug land, let your LoCo know and help people get started.
  • If you are an upstream developer and are interested in helping Ubuntu Bug Triagers to debug your application, sign up here and add debugging information to this page.
  • Ask your local friends what kind of packages or what class of bugs they’re interested in and add that information to the list. We’ll try to find upstream specialists to help you get started.

My personal aim will be to decrease the list of bugs with patches attached and bugs that are fixed upstream and help to get people their fixes in the sponsoring queue.

The Global Bug Jam is definitely going to ROCK. Please help to make it happen in your area! It’s going to be great fun.

Update: As a kind of test-run, we’re going to have a Bug Jam in Berlin on June 16th, 18:00-21:00.

My 5 today: #239036 (gpsk31), #237726 (streamtuner), #238051 (fwbuilder), #238991 (devhelp), #237042 (tablelist) Do 5 a day - every day!


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2008-06-11 11:23 +0200

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